About UCCS Graduate School

UCCS Graduate School


Welcome to the Graduate School.  We wish you success as you embark on your graduate education. Graduate study has been a part of the UCCS experience since the 1970s.

Graduate school signifies a commitment to your own professional development and to a specific discipline. To help you meet your goals, UCCS has 24 master’s programs and 8 doctoral programs with additional emphasis areas and certificate programs available. While your program is the first place you should go with questions, please feel free to contact the Graduate School at any time if we can be of help!

At one of the fastest growing universities in Colorado and the U.S., you'll learn from our talented faculty in an environment designed for learning and student success – smaller class sizes than our peer institutions and the ability to connect one-on-one with your professors and instructors. You'll have every chance to grow and learn, expand your thinking in ways you never imagined and prepare for life after graduation and the career you've always dreamed about. The academics are challenging. UCCS has a selective admissions process that examines your past work, so UCCS isn't for everyone. But if you're up for the challenge and a chance to succeed, we look forward to reviewing your application and hopefully seeing you on campus soon.