Student Experience


Student Experience

Thousands of students graduate from UCCS each year, but it's the degree and education, paired with the hard work put in during the journey, that helps fuel their success. The experience each student gains while studying at UCCS proves valuable while studying, as well as while working in a career field.

As you explore your graduate school options and journey, we're confident UCCS will stand out as an option with faculty who will know you by name. Our faculty members, who offer real-world experience, lead small classes to help you absorb and retain new information to help you innovate in a career of your choosing. 

Our convenient campus is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to support your education and your research, and our unique position on the globe allows unparalleled opportunity, as Colorado Springs is in the center of five military installations, and is the Olympic City.

Students at UCCS find resources designed to fuel success, and are ready to attest to bright futures after graduation. We invite you to explore their stories below.