Student Testimonials


Student Testimonials

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UCCS Alumni
College of Education
Educational Leadership-Higher Education Student Affairs (SAHE) (MA), Ph.D. candidate in Educational Leadership, Research & Policy
"My graduate education at UCCS has truly helped me define and articulate the work I have been doing for years, that is, to advocate for students the way many have advocated for me. The work of education supports true social justice, and I want to be a part of the movement toward student success for all!"
Julie Estlick
Current UCCS Student
College of Letters, Arts & Sciences
Communication MA
"I knew that after I received my bachelors, I would want to continue my education into a Master’s degree; however, I never imagined that I would be able to do both. I have also been lucky enough to have an outstanding support system of colleagues and professors here at UCCS, without their continuing support I would not be the student I am today. My experience at UCCS has turned into a journey I never thought possible, and I could not be more thankful."
James Vedral
UCCS Alumni
College of Engineering and Applied Science
Applied Science: Physics (PhD)
"The UCCS Applied Science: Physics PhD program is rigorous and has provided me with not only a greater understanding of the physical world but also greater time management skills. It has given me the skills needed as a researcher and let me make connections with local businesses and led me to my current employment at USAFA. Most of all the graduate program taught me how coffee is a life sustaining force that must be considered a core part in any graduate students diet at all times of the day."
Vanessa Harmon
UCCS Alumni
School of Public Affairs
Criminal Justice (MCJ)
"The Criminal Justice Master's program has allowed me to explore and learn in a completely different field from my undergrad. The wide variety of classes and knowledgeable faculty makes studying in a new discipline interesting, informative, challenging and rewarding and the Homeland Defense classes will be directly applicable for the rest of my military career. The availability of distance learning classes and the support that I have received throughout the program allowed me to balance my responsibilities at work and at school, making my time at UCCS a wonderful experience."
Chrissy Landreth
UCCS Alumni
Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Sports Medicine (MSc)
"In all honesty, the Sports Medicine graduate program has not been without its challenges, but it has provided a great opportunity to explore multiple areas of athletic training and to grow academically, professionally, and personally. I have been afforded multiple opportunities for involvement in research, clinical volunteering, continuing education and advancement of skills through hands on and advanced courses. Additionally, the curriculum is built on the idea of inter-professional collaboration and has stressed the importance of being able to work alongside various healthcare professionals and promote athletic training in a positive fashion. It is the people that I have met in this program, both mentors and peers, that have made it such a valuable experience and that pushed me to succeed."
Travis Fritts
UCCS Alumni
College of Business
Business Administration (MBA)
UCCS Experience: I completed my undergrad in HRM at an online school, because it was the best fit for my military schedule and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure how well I would transition back into a formal classroom environment, but it has been overwhelmingly positive!

The UCCS College of Business staff made me feel like I was the only student on the schedule. Every need I had was quickly addressed and they "held my hand" through the qualification and in-processing steps.

The UCCS professors are simply amazing. I was so engrossed with Dr. Dale DeBoer's lectures on Economics (!) that I found myself listening for the pure joy and forgetting to take notes! An assignment for Dr. D. D. Warrick's class encouraged the deepest self-reflection I've ever done, while Dr. Monique Dooley's Stats class transformed me into an Excel "Power-User." I've made a goal to take every course that Dr. Jeff Ferguson and Dr. Dale DeBoer teach, whether it's in my degree plan or not, because they are simply that good.

Knowing the UCCS Business Schools' national reputation for excellence was an initial draw, but honestly, the phenomenal experience has far outweighed any business magazine reviews. Being in the same room with so many focused people encourages me to bring my "A-game" as well. I've become good friends with several people, the support is incredible, and I've recaptured the "we've got your back" feeling that I feared lost to military retirement. Sometimes when I walk the school grounds, the sense of what we are all accomplishing here reveals itself and brings a smile to my face.